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HyperNext Android Creator (HAC) is an easy to use software creation system that allows almost anyone to quickly start building their own Android apps that work. Apps run natively on a wide range of devices from G1 Deam, Motorola Xoom to Kindle Fire.

The HyperNext interface has just one design window and simple toolbar. There are three modes: Design, Preview and Run. Controls such as buttons can be rapidly placed and their English-like scripts edited with its easy to use Script Editor.

Test our demo apps by downloading them directly onto your Android device. Try demos like our Lunar Lander game or our Pre-School Sums app to see how much fun they are.

NOTE: If you want to create your own unique app then you need some code as No-Coding apps won't hack it like HAC.



Solar System Project

This project was made using resources from NASA and shows how easy it is to create an Android app for presenting information to tablet or smartphone users. On the app's main screen users just touch a planetary body and a new screen will open displaying both an image and technical information about it. The project is very simple and took only a few hours to create.

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HyperNext Android Creator is freeware!

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