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Android HAC Frequently Asked Questions

Last update 29th September 2015

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HyperNext Android Creator

Q1. What is HyperNext Android Creator?

A1. HyperNext Android Creator (HAC) is an easy to use visual software creation system for building Android apps.

Q2. Some app creators don't need programming, so why HAC?

A2. Well, except for the most trivial app it just isn't possible to create one without some form of programming. Computers are stupid and need instructions otherwise they just sit there. Templates are fine, but if you can use one then so can someone else and then you will both have the same app. Pay close attention to the forums of these these so called programming-free app creator websites and you will soon see that knowing how to program is a requisite.

Q3. What does HAC come with?

A3. HAC creates the Android apps but it also comes with some projects to get you started. Soon there will be an associated program called HyperNext Android Developer that will make plugins for HAC. Plugins are like libraries that can be used in your own projects or sold to other HAC users.

Q4. Which versions of Android OS will HAC apps run on?

A4. HAC apps are intended to run on most Android devices ranging from Android OS 1.6 (API 4) Donut up to the latest which is currently 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich(as of 2012). Donut was released on 15 September 2009 and many Android phones such as the HTC G1 and low cost tablets still use it.

HyperNext Language.

Q1. What is the HyperNext language?

A1. HyperNext is the programming language used inside HAC . It is a full high-level language with hundreds of keywords that allows a programmer to create apps for Android devices.

Serial Numbers.

Q1. Does HAC require a serial number?

A1. Yes, although HAC is now freeware it still needs a serial number but the next update will remove this requirement. The serial number is given with the download links in ther forums Download section.

Q2. The serial number does not work so what should I do?

A2. To enable the full version of HAC you will need to carefully enter the registration details into the registration screen. Please note that there is only one space between words and that the date format should not be changed.

If you still have problems then please contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Q1. Do I owe TigaByte Software any royalties for software that I create and sell with HAC?

A1. No, you are free to sell or distribute your software as you like.

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