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Example Apps with their HAC Projects

Updated 2nd November 2012

These projects can be used in your own work and are royalty free.

These are always up-to-date and work with the latest version of HAC.

Latest addition: News Feed Reader(RSS/Atom) parsing example.

Please note, these apps were all built with the 2012 version of HAC and have not been updated since then. Updates and new builds are due soon along with the next update to HAC.

HyperNext Projects for Windows (2nd November 2012) 3.9M

Android & Kindle Demos to Download and Install

These demo apk files can be downloaded to your device and installed. Now you no longer have to install HAC to try out the demos. Note, they all quit after a few minutes.

Use your Android device to navigate to this web page and follow these instructions:-

1) Select the to download the app file.

2) The download should show in the Status Bar of your Android device.

3) When the download finishes touch and drag the Status Bar download.

4) Look at the app's permissions and if agreeble allow it to install.

5) To QUIT an app use the Quit option on its Menu.


Lunar Lander  

Our version of the Android game with three difficulty levels.

The player must use the controls to land the spaceship on the blue landing pad. Make sure that the speed is not too fast and try not to run out of fuel

Use either trackerball or buttons to steer the space ship.

  Lunar Lander

PreSchool Sums  

Colorful maths with changeable fruit graphics and sound effect.

Demonstrates addition and subtraction with fruit so making the sums easier to follow.

PreSchool Sums

Times Tables  

A colorful and easy to use times table app for both kids and adults alike.

Times Tables


A sprite demonstration.

These swimming fish can be touched, directed and can collide with one another.

Touch a fish, then touch the trackerball to direct that fish.


Plot Benchmark  

Allows the user to see the effects of different screen refresh rates on canvas plotting.

This is useful when creating a graphical game to ensure smooth animation.


Android Info  

Display info about the about the Android device.

This can be used by the app to select options dependant upon the device type. For instance, whether the app is runing on a typical Android device or another such as a Kindle Fire.

  Android Info

Background Service  

Demonstrates that HAC built apps will automatically run in the background until the user quits them.

In this app the count will still continue even when the app is in the background.

  Background Service

Input Address  

Finds local IP address without accessing network.

  Input Address

MyInput Address  

Finds the device's IP address using HTTP and then extracts it from the received web page.

  My Input Address

Stock Quote  

This stock quote app displays info about a stock quote.

It demonstrates how to retrieve a stock quote via HTTP. How to parse the retrieved data and then how to graph it.

  Stock Quote

List Box  

This app and its chaotic looking screen shot shows the many ways that cell data can be formatted and displayed in a list box.

This example shows cells with an image, text, normal and highlighted.

  List Box

Hello World  

A simple Hello World program with one button and a dialog box.

  Hello World

String Encodings  

The idea of strings might sound simple but their encoding can be a complex subject.

This app shows the encodings of some strings, their character lengths and byte counts.

  String Encodings


A very simple example of using buttons to control the state of a checkbox.

  Check Box


A simple app that shows how to control two groups of radio buttons.

  Radio Buttons


This sprite example shows how to achieve a flame effect by switching a sprite's images.

While the image drawing take place the app also plots in the background.

  Fire Sprite


This app demonstrates how graphics such as ovals, lines, rects etc can be drawn to two different canvases.

  Canvas Test

Solar System (TABLET)  

This project was made using resources from NASA and shows how easy it is to create an Android app for presenting information to tablet or smartphone users. On the app's main screen users just touch a planetary body and a new screen will open displaying both an image and technical information about it. The project is very simple and took only a few hours to create.

Solar System

GPS Satellite Network  

This app can acquire location info both from GPS satellite and from a mobile network

It shows the user's position, speed etc and can run in the background.

It allows the user to select GPS only, Mobile only or both.



This app demonstrates that HAC built apps are multi-lingual.

It shows controls in English, Greek, Russian, Japanese and both Chinese simplified and traditional.

Note the text field and the menu items.


Kindle Fire Test  

Shows the screen area used by HAC built apps on a Kindle Fire. It allows screen rotations and also works on standard Android devices.

Kindle Test    

UDP Network  

A basic UDP app that can send and receive messages from another machine using the UDP protocol.

It has the option to send and receive chat messages via UDP.



A basic SQLite database example showing how to create, insert and retrieve data.

This example uses a database file on the device's SD card but could easily use a database file internal to the app because HAC apps reference databases by their full file path.

It has screens for creating/opening the database, inserting data, and querying data.



A simple example showing how to create notifications in the status bar.

It allows the notification to be updated, play the device default sound or a custom sound.



This app can hide or show the status bar (menubar at top).

This allows an app to appear in full screen mode.


Toast Message  

A simple example of a Toast Message - a short lived floating text message that appears near the lower central part of the screen.

  Toast Message


HAC apps can use AES 128 encryption/decryption on strings.

This allows most types of data to be encrypted.



An example showing how to convert data to and from Bases64.

Base64 can be used to ensure data is transmitted data safely over a network because unencoded binary data can be corrupted.

  Base 64

RSS Reader  

A simple test example showing how to read the articles from a URL news feed and from the same news feed in a local text file.

The Reader can parse both RSS and Atom feeds.

  Base 64


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