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HyperNext Android Creator (HAC) is a powerful but easy to use software creation system that allows almost anyone to quickly start building their own native Android software.

HAC comes with example projects that are fully working and make it easy for you to start creating your own Android apps right away. Before you install HAC, try our Android demo apps that are available for direct download onto your device from our Examples web page.

The HAC Easy Installer allows HAC and its helpers to be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Better Than No-Coding Web-Based Templates

Although No-Coding app makers can produce some excellent results they are limited by the number of available templates. If you need something special and their template system doesn't support it then generally you will have to learn HTML and Javascript.

Compared to No-Coding app makers, with HAC:

  • Security, as your projects & source code are stored on your own computer.
  • Having your own source code puts you in control.
  • Infinitely more flexible than template systems.
  • To make money, you probably need unique ideas - not templates.

HAC Features

If you want to create your own Android app then try HAC:

  • Easy to use and great for beginners
  • - simple interface - a Design window and one Toolbar.
  • - interface has three modes - Design, Preview and Run.
  • - visual designer for rapid and easy editing of buttons etc.
  • - the programming language is English-like and easy to use.
  • - no need to learn Java or the Android SDK.
  • - many working examples to get you started.
  • Develops for Android and Kindle Fire
  • - 100% native-code apps.
  • - builds for Emulator, Android/Kindle smartphones & tablets.
  • - your one app runs on all Android devices.
  • - works on platfroms from 1.6 to the latest (4.1)
  • - from Donut to Jelly Bean.
  • - note, devices need either an internal or external SDcard.
  • Wide range of functionality including
  • - automatically handles different screen resolutions.
  • - normal and full screen modes, landscape and portrait.
  • - can build multi-lingual Android apps.
  • - apps run fully even when in the background.
  • - HyperNext is a full and easy to use programming language.
  • - persistant storage option for variables and fields.
  • - create sprite based games like Lunar Lander.
  • - email functionality independent from Android OS.
  • - database SQLite functionality.
  • - AES Cypher and Base 64.
  • - GPS, both satellite and mobile network.
  • - UDP messaging and HTTP handling.
  • - RSS reader (RSS/Atom) both URL and files.
  • - full file operations - text/binary, private and SDcard.
  • - status bar notifications and toast messages.
  • - user defined menus.
  • - includes a Quit function.
  • HAC software
  • - runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • - easy to install with HAC Easy Installer.
  • - your projects & source code are stored only on your computer.
  • - connects to Android device via USB or Wifi.
  • - regular updates for new features and greater functionality.


Whether you are a novice or an experienced programmer you will find something in HAC to interest you:

  • Novices: HAC has a simple interface and an English-like programming language so that even non-programmers can quickly start creating software that works. The HAC development environment is visually based and allows rapid placement of buttons, fields and other controls, and then fast access to their properties and scripts.

  • Developers: The HyperNext system is both powerful and expandable with many hundreds of commands and functions. HyperNext is a full programming language with both local and global Procedures, local and global variables, looping, file operations, arrays, lists and much more. Soon HyperNext Android Developer will be released, so allowing plugins to be made for HAC, either for your own use or for release to other HAC users.

Comparing HAC and Java

How does building an app in HAC compare to building one in Java? If you are a novice programmer then these are how they compare:-


Java & Android SDK

Easy to learn



Time to understand



Android functionality

growing subset




Object Orientated

Variable types



Commands per function



Error checking



Screen and control creation


XML file and script

Screen scaling



Menu creation



Images & video



Image Banks



Sprite Animation



Device missing functions



Overview Help


search web

Built demos .apk files

our website

search web


our forums

search web






very high

Computer Requirements for HAC:

  • Windows XP, Vista or 7.
  • Processor speed of 2GHz or more.
  • Screen size 1024x768 pixels recommended.
  • License Activation needs internet connection.

Android Device Requirements:

  • Android OS 1.6 (API 4)(Donut) or above.
  • SDcard, either internal/external for storage.

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