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Creating Android Software with HAC

HAC has been designed with ease of use in mind and has both a simple interface and an easy to learn programming language so that even non programmers can quickly start creating Android apps.

Although HAC is great for beginners it also provides them with lots of potential for expansion as the HyperNext language has many hundreds of commands and functions. HAC will have updates every month to give it more functionality and to keep pace with the rapidly developing Android OS.

(1) Simple Interface:

  • One window plus toolbar.
  • Three modes - Design, Preview and Run.
  • Easy placement of controls.
  • Simple to use script editor.
  • Built-in help.

(2) Easy to grasp programming language:

  • English-like commands.
  • No data-type declarations.
  • No complex classes to learn.
  • Examples included with HAC.
  • Examples on our web site.

(3) True Android app development:

  • Creates apps for a wide variety of Android devices.
  • App can automatically scale itself to fit screen size.
  • Can run tasks in the background even when Activity removed.
  • Can connect with several Android devices and Emulators.
  • Able to connect wirelessly for when tablets do not have USB drivers.
  • Has debug option for sending messages to debugger.

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